Thursday, January 8, 2015


I googled a bit earlier just to see if I was missing anything since I last posted here. Turns out there is supposedly a working ROM for the K7 tablet, not for the tablet itself but for the processor its got inside it, which is an Allwinner 10.

Anyways heres a quick guide for you if you're already rooted and such, if not check my blog posts.


Enjoy guys!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bricked my Kurio 7 for good :(

The other day I decided you know, why not? Tried to throw CM10 on the old K7 tablet, because what could go wrong right? Put it on, seemed to be running then booted to the CWM screen, uh oh. Waited a few minutes thinking and google'ing, just to find that this IS fixable, but you needed to backup your tablet beforehand... I always live dangerously. So I tried to find a ROM pertaining to the Allwinner 9 or 10, I don't remember which it had, but I found one.

Loaded up the ROM on the tablet, AOKP it is called.

I now have a great paper weight with a very built unicorn and a spinning gear for the rest of this tablets life.

R.I.P Kurio 7 Old Model


Friday, October 4, 2013

Missing games from the Google Play Market on your Kurio 7? There's a fix for that.

This fix isn't always instant, but it fixes it the problem for sure and indefinitely when its finally working!

Make sure you are rooted and have a little background experience with file manager apps, like ES File Manager!

Once ES File Manager is installed, Open the application and hit Menu, then tap "Settings", this will bring you to the apps Settings Menu. Once in the Settings Menu, scroll all the way down to Root Settings. In Root Settings, "check" Root Explorer and Mount File System

First things first, were changing your 'build.prop' on  your Kurio 7, this will make the Google Play Store think your tablet is actually a Nexus 7, so you get to download all the things the Nexus 7 can play! Most of the games work on it anyways!
Once that is done, go back to the main part of the app that shows all the folders. On that page in the TOP RIGHT you should see a little window like icon, tap that and a set of icons should appear..on the left, there will be an icon that has a star and says Favorites...hit that please. When you hit favorites, it will display the directories on your device, such as Internal Storage, SD CARD, etc. Please tap the icon that shows your device. It can also be distinguished by a "/". By tapping that we have gone into our Devices Internal Storage. The next step is to navigate the system should be towards the bottom. Now enter the system file and scroll to the the bottom there will be your build.prop. Be aware that there is also a file named build.prop.bak, we are not using that file so just leave it alone..and enter the regular build.prop. Open the build.prop, the device will prompt you to ask what editor you would like to use to view/edit the build.prop...just use the ES Note Editor. 
Copy the text below and put it into the places that it goes on your own build.prop ro.product.model=Nexus 7 ro.product.brand=google ro.product.cpu.abi=armeabi-v7a ro.product.cpu.abi2=armeabi ro.product.manufacturer=asus
Sometimes the change takes a few days even to work, other times its almost instant, a few reboots on your device should speed it up though! 
Enjoy the new apps!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Google Play on your Kurio 7, then root and permanent root.

Now that you've got a regular tablet now, you probably want to have the Google Play store.

This will show you how to get it.

DISCLAIMER: The Kurio 7 is a very unused device, therefore a LOT of developers just don't put it in their list of devices that can handle their games. You will find that there is almost nothing in the Google Play store for you to download, but I will help with that another time by changing your device after you have root.

First download this. This will help you get the Play store quickly and harmlessly.

Plug your tablet in via USB, if you don't have the drivers installed you will need to install them, here are the drivers for the Kurio 7. (Kurio 7 Drivers Link)

Then once that is done extract the first file you got (if you don't know what a rar file opens with, get 7-Zip, then when you have it right click on the rar and select "7-Zip"->"Extract Here", then let it extract.

Then on your Kurio 7, go to Settings -> Developer Options -> USB debugging (enable it).

Now in the files you extracted, find "Install_Google_Play.bat, right click it and select "Run as Administrator" (if you are not on Windows 7 or Vista, this is not an option, just run it regularly).


Once completed, your device will have restarted a few times, restored, and have Google Play applications.

Your device is NOT rooted after, the program UNROOTS you!

Here is how to permanent root your device

Download the file below.

Ok now extract the ZIP file to a location you can use.

Plug in your Kurio 7 via USB! Make sure USB debugging is enabled!

Find ICS_Root_Unlocker.bat and right click and Run As Administrator.

It will say press enter to continue, do it only if your device is plugged in!

Wait until your device FULLY REBOOTS to hit enter to continue again!

You will have to wait until a FULL REBOOT is done before continuing with the script EVERY TIME!

When its all finished, you have a rooted device!

Now download this, which is SuperSU! This app lets you USE root application from the market! Download it directly to the Kurio 7 so you can run it from the bottom menu and install it!

You need to enable Unknown Sources first! Go to Settings->Security->Check Unknown Sources!

Now you are all set for rooted applications!


I will post more about how to make the Kurio better later!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Where to start when you get your Kurio 7

The basics on how to un-Kurio your tablet.

Maybe you bought this as a gift for your kid? Maybe you bought it on Craigslist for super cheap, either way, I'm about to take that ugly looking kid software crap disappear forever.

This is a guide on how to heavily configure your Kurio tablet, so you don't ever have to see that crappy home screen stuff again.

First thing is first, your tablet will be a big hassle to activate, go through the instructions on activation and complete all that mumbo jumbo. Then when that's done head over to the settings and look for the boot to android selection or feature.

Boot into regular Ice Cream Sandwich, now you have a somewhat normal looking tablet, or so it seems.

Your tablet will slip right back into Kurio protection when you reboot next. Unless...

Go into your applications, then hit the All tab, find the Kurio app, "Disable" it.

Then find and Disable anything else you don't want to see on there, maybe its the kids games, or the dumb features thrown in, whatever you want, note, some things just will not disable, but root fixes all that.

Now, reboot your tablet, just in case you did something wrong. If it reboots back to android, woot good job!

A few tweaks I made to get as far away from Kurio as I could

  1. Changed my lock screen to off, the kurio two finger lock is just too buggy
  2. Disabled anything and everything I could pertaining to Kurio, etc, games, apps
  3. Rooted my tablet, and allowed installing of 3rd party apps

What's Next?

Now that you know your tablet a little better, there are a few unfortunate things you don't want to know about your tablet.

Kurio has their devices in a sort of pickle, when connecting to the Google Play store, your tablet tells Google that it is a piece of garbage that can't play basically any games. That isn't true, so don't worry. But this is still a problem for me and I have no way around it, "sideloading" apps is the only way to go about this to be honest.

Sideloading, is a method other than directly from Google Play to get apps, you can get the Amazon app store, you can download APKs of what you wanted to install to the device, but you will most likely not be able to get the games you wanted from Google Play.

I personally get the games I want by using APKs. I buy a lot of games from Google Play, so I have a unique way of doing this. My phone plays almost any games available on Google Play, my GPU is great. So if the game is a free game, I use something called APK Downloader, you can find it with Google. What APK downloader lets you do is it will take the Device ID off of another device and set it up in an extension in Google Chrome, to download that APK, but it will not work with paid apps!

For paid apps, I download the application fully to my phone, then I get an app called AirDroid, to wireless transfer the APK to my PC, it has a very easy to use interface that anyone can understand. You can also manually transfer the APK files from your system files on your other device with a file manager (Astro File Manager, etc).

The rest is just for kicks.

Here are a few cool things to do with your Kurio 7 if you want to learn a bit about the technology you're using.

  1. That USB dongle it comes with? You can hook up a flash drive to that, and play movies from it. You can even hook up a mouse to it. Yes, you can use your own USB mouse and keyboards on android, your tablet IS a computer, and a lot of people seem to not understand that.
  2. Put a bigger SD card in it, it will hold more games.
  3. Watch Netflix on it, it's probably the best use so far.

Thats it!

Good Luck!